What is Gearbest?

Gearbest is an online store specifically focusing on selling innovative technology & electronics. It has emerged as one of the leading marketplaces selling authentic electronics and gadgets in the recent past.

Company’s Vision

To become the best premier seller providing an unmatched selection of the best gadgets, an unparalleled shopping experience, fast shipping and extraordinary customer service which exceeds consumers’ expectations

The best part is that Gearbest likes to grow, which is why they have a hot affiliate program. This program sets them apart from others who do not take much care of consumer benefits. It has seven warehouses.

What do they sell?

The products include mobile phones, consumer electronics/gadgets and even quad copters and RC. But because of high ratings among the consumers, Gearbest now has an extensive range of products including home décor, fashion, RC, DIY, sports and a lot more.

Why Choose Gearbest?

It is a global online store with numerous gadgets and secure methods of payment and delivery. To provide a unique experience which meets the expectations of customers, Gearbest provides the following exceptional services:

  • Worldwide Shipping

Gearbest falls into those few stores which ship their products worldwide.

  • Lowest rates

It provides lowest rates worldwide on quality products alongside exclusive deals with 60% discounts on special days.

  • Customer Protection

It provides customers a comprehensive warranty in addition to a 45 days no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Most articles are one year repair and replacement enabled.

  • Wide range of products

Features over 100,000+ products from 1000+ major manufacturers

Gearbest Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a method in affiliate marketing which allows you to earn by advertising a company’s products. Gearbest Affiliate Program offers countless benefits to affiliate marketers, which anyone can become.

It is as simple as advertising Gearbest’s products through a link generated for you. When someone buys the product by clicking at your link, you are rewarded with commission. This simple and easy way, to contribute to biggest online store for electronics and gadgets while earning your rewards, has emerged as one of the leading affiliate programs.


  • Tiered Commission Rates 1-10%

Gearbest offers high commission rates on marketing of its products. Hence if you generate a link which makes someone buy, you can get 1-10% commission.

  • Free Product Review Samples

Affiliate marketers are provided with free products as samples to be reviewed. It is an indirect way of filling you wallet; not every second store offers this.

  • Monthly Affiliate Leaderboard Bonus

If you succeed in appearing on leaderboard by making the maximum visitors buy, you are rewarded with an added Leaderboard Bonus

  • Unlimited Earning Potential For Free

It takes not even a single penny to sign up for affiliate program but offers innumerated benefits. There are no bounds on earning with Gearbest; the more you advertise, more would you acquire.


Make sure that the platform where you are advertising is listed in Gearbest TOS.

How Do I Sign Up?

First of all, register in the link below

Register/Sign Up Now

To register and proceed, follow the following steps:

  • Add your eMail
  • Add your PayPal account
  • Accept GearBest ToS
  • Add a phone number which is valid (You may receive a verification call)
  • Add the link of your platform (Facebook-Twitter-Youtube)
  • If you have any question, write it in Additional information.

You are good to go…

Structure of the Affiliation Panel

Once signed up, you come across a screen with the structure as follows:

  • Account Center  It is your dashboard with basic information about your performance and account
  • Add New Link, – Here affiliation links can be created to refer customers to GearBest and have their order commission rewarded to you
  • Affiliate Link Report  You can see a list of your created links and the sales made
  • Affiliate Order Report – A list of orders appears along with the commission that GearBest will pay you
  • Commission Transaction record – Consists of the orders you made. As they pass the cancellation time, they’ll be approved and hence accredited to your affiliation balance
  • Commission Model – It demonstrates the commission (%) you will earn for each product category. Different commission rate (Standard/Premium/Vip) is provided with various tier of membership

But What’s Next?

In order to be able to generate your own URLs you would require an associate ID. These URLs make earning much easier for you by being bound to your sub-accounts. Using these URLs on your website or on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, if someone buys a product, you’ll earn your commission.

To Generate an Associate ID

You can easily add an associate ID in the accounts center.

To Generate an Affiliation Link

A final step leading to your elated earnings consists of easy to follow procedure

Following are the easy steps:

  1. Select the voice Add New Link
  2. Copy and paste the link of product you want to point to. Products, promotions. Any page you like on GearBest
  3. For your own reference, you can give a name to the link
  4. Generate your link
  5. Use the link on your platform

So, What Do You Require to join Affiliate Program?

With just a sign up and a PayPal account, you can earn sitting in your office doing your work or while cooking in your kitchen. All you need is to become an affiliate, by following the above explained easy-to-follow steps.

If you are still facing difficulty completing the process, just watch the following video to get visual aid while doing the procedure.

Not only does the affiliate program provide commission on sale of each quality product, it gives you free products as product review samples. We can also not forget about the Leaderboard Bonus. So there are tons of opportunities to explore and to boost your earnings from Gearbest Affiliate Program.

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