Affiliate marketing is a form of sales strategy where a retailer pays some commission to various websites for the sales or impressions it manages to generate via these websites.

In this post we would review the affiliate program, Sports Direct, UK’s largest sports merchandise dealer offers.

In this case, Sports Direct is the retailer and you would be the one trying to generate an interest for the brand via your affiliate link.

Sports Direct is a huge sports brand, founded by Mike Ashley in 1982 it is not only UK’s leading sports retailer by revenue and operating profit, but it is also the parent of a significant number of famous sport, fashion and lifestyle brands. The group famously owns the Newcastle Football Club which got promoted back to the Premier League on Monday.

Being associated with such a big conglomerate is a great thing in itself but putting aside the emotional aspects we also need to analyse the financial benefits arising out of the affiliation.

So before going any further, let’s see the following:

The benefits you would enjoy if you do so:
  • On an average the total order value is over £ 70 means in most cases you would earn a commission for at least £70 if not more.
  • As SportsDirect is a global brand, as many as 600 products are added weekly thereby providing a wider canvas for the consumers so that they may buy more.
  • There are 3 promotional sales which are provided cyclically on a monthly basis and 3 which are provided on a weekly basis thereby generating a lot of consumer interest.
  • There’s a 12% conversion rate that is about 12% of the people who would see your affiliate link would click on it.
So how much would you earn if you offer the affiliate program:
  • You would earn a maximum of 4% on any action which happens on your affiliate links. So if someone clicks on your link to buy goods worth $100 you would be eligible to earn maximum $4.
Possible drawbacks:
  • The biggest drawback is that its semi-private. People can’t just directly sign-up. They need to contact the customer services and figure out a deal before offering services or they can sign up via forms which are provided by their existing partners.
  • There isn’t any such pay per click model hence you won’t earn money if the customer only clicks and does not buy any product.
  • If any order is eligible for a voucher, you won’t earn any commission.
How to join:

You can either contact their customer services or Sign-up via their affiliate.

Should you join:

As the order amount is generally high, higher than average commissions can be expected but joining the program itself is not straightforward. On top of it there is no nominal commission for any click generated on the link. Though having said all that, Sports Direct is one of the biggest brands online and there is almost no scope of any scam or malpractice coming your way and once you do sign up, sky is the limit.